Why is Professional Snow Removal in Vancouver so Important?

Why is Professional Snow Removal in Vancouver so Important?

15 October 2020 | Posted by: admin |

Why is Professional Snow Removal in Vancouver so Important?

With unpredictable weather conditions, winters in Vancouver never cease to amaze and surprise. It is entirely possible to spend one afternoon basking in the sun only to wake up to white out conditions the next. Winter comes to the Lower Mainland each year, however every year it catches countless businesses and homeowner’s unprepared. Don’t be left in a lurch, desperately trying to dig a path to your door, be ready for winter this year with snow removal services in Vancouver.

When the snow begins to fall the centimeters can add up fast, especially when the snow starts to fall overnight. Most people don’t dream of waking up early to shovel and salt, but neglecting to maintain your home or business during a storm can have lingering effects.

With many steep driveways and staircases, homeowners may find that at the end of the day what was once just a few centimeters is now significantly more. And more snow requires more effort to clear. While it may be tempting to just ignore the problem, snow left to be compacted by foot traffic and to sit through a few freeze and thaw cycles as the temperature fluctuates, quickly turns into a dangerous, icy situation. Young children and the elderly are particularly at risk for slip and fall accidents that can have lasting repercussions. Snow needs to be regularly cleared away, and icy surfaces salted or de-iced to help ensure everyone’s safety.

Business owners are not just responsible for getting themselves and their employees to work safe, they are also responsible for ensuring that customers, deliveries, pedestrians, and motorists can all access their commercial property safely. During a winter storm, this means more than simple removing snow from your entry way. Sidewalks, walkways, parking lots, loading docks, emergency exits, must all be accessible, clear of snow, and safe to use. Most municipalities within BC have by-law regulations outlining where and when snow must be cleared. While the city works to take care of public roads, businesses are responsible for clearing snow from their own properties, including from sidewalks.

In addition to having a social responsibility to ensure a safe environment, accidents may present a liability to businesses that are found to be at fault for creating an unsafe environment, something no one wants to have to deal with.

Don’t let a lack of time create an unsafe environment for your family or your customers. Let professional snow removal services handle take care of the winter mess.

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